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教師紹介 (キッズインターナショナルスクール)


キッズインターナショナルスクールの教師は、すべて教師・保育士の有資格者で、児童心理、発達を踏まえた上で、子どもたちの学びを最大限に引き出すように援助しています。 子どもたちに対して深い愛情と忍耐を持つ、使命感の強い教師ばかりです。また、向上心にも富み、よりよい教育環境を提供するために、常に意欲的に学ぶ姿勢を持っています。 (園長 三谷 みちる) 
Michiru Mitani

Assistant Director
Mary  (an early childhood educator )
I’ve been working professionally with children for over 25 years.  I ran my own day care business for 12 years, I was a trainer for teachers, I was a director for a small school and an Education Coordinator for a large school, I’ve worked in Head Start with children getting ready for kindergarten, and I’ve worked in a special group home for children who no longer have a family or home. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and I am working on an advance degree in Human Development. For me, working with young children is all about the positive relationship I am able to develop with each individual.  I have a unique opportunity to see how a human being develops and the opportunity to introduce positive emotional skills that could impact their entire life.  I love being silly and laughing, but I take my responsibility as an early childhood professional very seriously, knowing that the laughs and songs will have a positive impact on a child’s self-esteem and this helps to build their self-confidence. With confidence they are then able to explore, create, and learn, trusting the adults in their lives and their own intuition. This is why I choose to work at Kids International School (KIS).
At KIS teachers are encouraged to develop a curriculum that has a strong focus on positive social interactions and creativity. The philosophy “a child’s play is their work” is at the core of our program as we look at developing the whole child not just their academic growth. Here we have children from all over the world who have the opportunity to learn first-hand about diversity and develop positive communication skills through songs, stories, conversations and dramatic play. Having the freedom to provide what is developmentally appropriate for each child while exposing them to a variety of creative experiences is such a benefit in a micromanaged world. We are able to paint, glue, cut and create every day with a wide range of materials. As children move through the Toddlers class up to the 3’s, 4’s and Kindergarten they will experience progressively more complex activities, ideas and skills with lots of laughter along the way!

子どもの教育に携わって25年以上経ちます。自分で保育所を12年間営み、教師の指導に携わったり、大小のスクールで子どもたちを教えたり、教育コーディネーターとしても仕事をしてきました。児童養護施設での経験もあります。幼児教育の資格を有しており、さらに人間発達の勉強を今もしています。 私にとって子どもを教えることは、それぞれの子どもとポジティブな関係を築くということにつきます。教師として子どもたちと関わっていくことで、人が発達していく様子を身近に見たり、一生を左右するであろう上手に感情をコントロールしていく方法を教えるという貴重な機会を日々得ているのです。私は、ふざけたり、笑ったりすることが大好きですが、笑いや歌が子どもたちにとって自信を築く上でよい影響を与えるということを理解しつつ、幼児教育者としての責任を大事に考えています。子どもたちは自信をつけると、いろいろな活動に取り組んだり、製作したり、学んだり、直感的に自分の回りの大人を信用することができるようになります。
Megumi  (保育士)
I believe in the words "Learn through play". We provide a fun and comfortable environment for the students. If the students tell me at the end of the day "I had fun today", this enlightens me very much!Everything happens for a reason, whether they appear meaningless to others. I wish our school will bring you and your child/children something meaningful to your life. Thank you for visiting our web site!

Chia  an early childhood educator
I’ve been in the teaching industry for about 5 years. I graduated from Nyack College in New York with my Bachelors of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and Sociology. I also have a Masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). I first started as an assistant teacher in a toddler classroom. After 9 months, I was given the head teacher position in a 4 and 5 year old classroom for 3 years. For me, teaching young children has always been a huge passion. Being able to be part of their learning experience is one of the best things I ever encountered. I believe the confidence they have in themselves as explorers gives them an opportunity to not only learn academically but grow to know themselves individually. I am so blessed to be here at KIS to grow as a teacher and also learn from the children.



“Watch me! I can do it!” This is the one of my favorite phrases. I love to hear these words from the children every day. There are many chances for the children to say “I want to try!” around KIS such as music, cooking, craft and outside play time. We respect the idea of “I want to try!” by providing them with the developmentally appropriate environment. We always share ideas with other teachers and help each other to make things better. KIS parents are also very supportive. We are very happy to share children’s growth with them. I am very proud of my job at KIS where I help the children grow. I am very grateful to hear “watch me! I can do it!” with their confident voices and their bright smiles and this makes me happy to be a teacher.

「見て、見て! これできるよ!」 これは、私の好きな子どもたちの言葉のひとつです。そして、この言葉を私はKISで毎日聞くことができます。KISには、ミュージックタイムやクッキング、工作の時間やお外遊びなどを通して子どもたちの「やってみたい」気持ちが溢れています。私たちは、この子どもたちの気持ちを大切にして、それぞれの年令に合った環境を用意しています。また、より良い保育をするために教師同士の意見交換を大切にし、お互い助け合いながら働いています。また、KISの保護者の方々のご協力にもとても感謝しています。保護者の方々と共に子どもたちの成長を見られることを喜びに思います。KISで日々成長している子どもたちを保育できることを誇りに思い、そしてキラキラした瞳で「見て、見て!これできるよ!」と自信に満ちた姿を見られることが教師としての幸せです。  
Greg  (an early childhood educator )
It is my firm belief as an educator that every child has the potential and the ability to succeed. Therefore it is continually my goal to help students achieve learning goals and the highest expectations. Student success is always at the forefront of my lesson planning. Additionally I believe in fostering positive relationships between students and encouraging students to communicate with one another and vocalize their feelings. When students are more capable at communicating positively with others, they are better able to problem solve, resolve conflicts and therefore self-regulate. I believe these lifelong skills allow students to thrive in their local and larger communities.
I have a passion for the arts, both in school and outside of school. I believe in integrating music, drama and dance into lessons as frequently as possible to build student creativity and to cater to the multiple intelligences that all children possess. I also seek to develop the creativity of my students and urge them to create and share their art. Students that share their art deserve positive reinforcement and praise, which causes them to feel their own ideas are valid and appreciated by others, thus building their self-confidence.

Kumiko  (保育士)
I have been dreaming about being a teacher since I was an elementary student. Now my dream came true and I am here at KIS. I am so glad to be here. I am very happy to see the children’s shining eyes and smiling faces and also to hear their laughter. I always try to know what they see and what they feel and I try to see it and feel it with them. Also I try to know what they are interested in and what they want to do , so we can do it together and have fun together. I believe that children grow much when they have fun and they are involved in something. As the children grow, I hope to continue growing as a teacher as well.

小学生の時に「幼稚園の先生になりたい!」と夢をみて、その夢を叶え、KISで子どもたちといられることをとてもうれしく思いいます。子どもたちのキラキラした目、笑顔そして楽しそうな笑い声に囲まれて毎日が楽しいです。 子どもたちと毎日過ごす中で、いつも子どもたちと同じ目線でいられるように心がけています。子どもたちが何を見て、何を感じているかに気づき、それを共に見たり、感じたりすること、その時に子どもたちが何に興味を持って、何に夢中になり、何をしたいのかに気づき、それを共に楽しむことです。なぜなら、私は子どもたちが何かを思い切り楽しみ、深く夢中になることで更に成長すると思うからです。私も子どもたちと共に日々成長していけるような教師になりたいと思っています。  
Yuki  (保育士)
My dream was to be a teacher since I was a child and now I'm really glad to work at KIS. By seeing the world through children’s eyes I will understand their interests and concerns and I can share their joy when they achieve something. In daily life, I want to support them by considering how the children are feeling. I try to provide an environment that children can feel happy and comfortable in.

Takako  (保育士)
Children spend much of their time in school. It will be quite meaningful for them. They are learning all the time on communicating with friends and new activities. I love this job having a precious time to see their improvement up close. I would like to dedicate myself to having a global and reassuring circumstance for children.

Elisa  (an early childhood educator )
I love working with young children. They are (usually) happy to come to school, they are so curious and they learn so quickly! I became interested in child development and teaching when my oldest son attended preschool. I spent so much time helping at his school that the teacher suggested I become a preschool teacher. I went back to school for early childhood education and soon started teaching at a local child development center. I then became the director of a parent-child co-op where I taught both the children and their parents who acted as my helpers. I loved being with the children every day and watching them grow in so many ways.
 Here in Japan I have taught young children in both a conversation school setting and in an immersion kindergarten. I really enjoy working with the same children each day, getting to know each child as an individual, admiring their strengths and working with them to encourage growth in weaker areas. I believe the most important thing that teachers can do is to encourage children’s curiosity which hopefully will lead to a life-long love of learning.

Marina  (保育士)
Children’s worlds are filled with curiosity. They are full of innocent inquiries and often ask, “Why?”, “How come?”, or “How did that happen?” KIS is the ideal place for children to stimulate their minds and to think outside the box through various plays and enriching activities. At KIS, they are granted the opportunity to socialize, learn about teamwork and proper display of affection, and enhance their cognitive skills. Gradually, we get to witness each child’s “Star moment” when they proudly say, “I did it!” or “I got it!” It truly is such a happy place to be as there is nothing more precious than witnessing their proud moments, which later become their treasure. For me, to be given the opportunity to share these moments with children and to learn from them are priceless. To learn and to grow with them is what I consider my life and career goal. That is why I aspired to become a kindergarten teacher.

子どもたちの世界は「なぜだろう?」「どうしてだろう?」と毎日不思議なことがいっぱいです。 KISは、安全で自然溢れる環境の中で、多種多様な遊びを通して子どもたちの好奇心を刺激しながら、社会的、情緒的、認知的能力を獲得することのできる場所です。そして、子どもたち一人ひとりの「できたよ!」「わかったよ!」という「輝いた」瞬間に出会うことのできる、Happyな場所でもあります。その「輝き」は一生で一度の何事にも代えられない大切な宝物となります。そんな瞬間に立ち会えることは、私にとってもかけがえのない宝物です。 私は、「子どもから学ぶ」という言葉を大切にしながら、子どもの心に寄り添い、共に成長していくことのできる保育士でありたいと思います。  

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